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Residential Locksmith Services

Emergency Lockout Services 24/7

Outer and inner doors opened. Bedroom, bathroom and other locks opened.

We install and repair home locks as well as open locks.

Out building locks opened, combination, padlocks and deadbolts.

Rekeying & Lock Changing

We can rekey single doors or the entire home. We can key your locks for a master key.

Anti-Bump Locks

If you have seen the recent series of videos and new coverage on lock bumping... Well there is a solution. There are bump proof locks. Most better quality locks are bump proof. We carry good locks and can replace lock susceptible to bumping.

Lock Bumping Video: YouTube - 3 minute news clip

For real? Do a Google Search: Lock Bumping - 3.8million hits 4/09


High Security Locks cannot be bumped. Several different types of locks cannot be bumped.


Insurance companies resist paying for homes burglarized via a lock bumping. Bumping leave no visible damage. It is nearly impossible to tell if a lock has been bumped or was just never locked.
(See Urban Legends)


The only sure solution is replacing low quality locks used by most home builders with better locks.

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Oceanside to Escondido down to Poway and Del Mar.